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News Wednesday, Jun 1 2016

Donald Trump's Sham "University" Used Predatory Sales Tactics

Jun 01, 2016

Trump University sales manuals released yesterday reveal that the sham Trump institution’s sales representatives were instructed to gather targets’ personal information — including credit and other financial information — then prey upon the potential customers’ emotions and undermine their self esteem in order to close the deal. Once the Trump University sales team could verify that targets were able to pay the initial upfront fee, the manuals say, they’d then encourage “students” to rack up credit card debt to pay for course “retreats” and materials.

There’s plenty in the Trump University sales manuals that offends, but one of the most horrifying sections recommends targeting single parents with heavy financial burdens.

It’s repugnant, but not surprising. Donald Trump has spent his entire life conning veterans, seniors, and ordinary working Americans out of their hard earned money — all to pad his own pockets.

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Published: Jun 1, 2016

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