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Donald Trump Joe Biden Racial Equality Monday, Aug 31 2020

Donald Trump’s America

Aug 31, 2020

Today, American Bridge 21st Century launched a new video slamming the deadly, dangerous and divided America Donald Trump has created. The video highlights how Trump’s malice and incompetence have allowed the coronavirus to kill more than 180,000 Americans while the president spends his time spreading racism, disinformation, and violence. No matter how much he may try and pass the buck, Donald Trump is the president and bears responsibility for what happens on his watch.

“Donald Trump’s first term is marked by a mismanaged deadly pandemic, incitements of violence, and the enactment of an agenda any neo-Nazi would be proud of. His campaign has made it clear they believe encouraging violence will help the president win reelection — no matter the cost. The American people are tired of the chaos, division and death that has plagued Trump’s tenure and this November they are going to make a change,” said Kyle Morse, an American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson.

Published: Aug 31, 2020

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