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News Monday, Jul 17 2017

Donald Trump Prefers Outsourcing Instead Of American Workers

Jul 17, 2017

While kicking off ‘Made In America Week’ this morning, the White House couldn’t explain why Trump brand products are still being made overseas — with a spokesperson promising “I will get back to you.”



That’s because Donald Trump built his spurious career by scamming small businesses, shipping jobs overseas, and using foreign labor rather than creating American jobs to build his products.

Outrageously, Trump has even bragged about the “many, many deals, outside of the United States” he and his family have done.  One example of those so-called deals is the Chinese factory that produces his daughter’s line of shoes where pay is as low as a dollar an hour, employees are beaten bloody, and three people investigating the awful conditions went missing.

At, American Bridge has chronicled a litany of times Trump has profited from outsourcing, foreign labor, and at the expense of American workers generally.  Since Donald Trump took office, not only has the production of Trump products outside of the United States continued, but nearly 140,000 American workers have been laid off and more than 14,000 Americans have lost their jobs to foreign trade.

“Americans are waiting to hear the White House explain why Donald Trump’s family’s brand of products are made overseas in sweatshop conditions. Trump continues to profit from outsourcing instead of hiring American workers and he’s watching idly as thousands of Americans’ jobs are being sent to foreign countries.” — Kevin McAlister, American Bridge spokesperson

In Donald Trump’s own Washington, D.C. hotel — where he is violating the Constitution by taking foreign payments — Trump made sure to buy foreign-made furniture, bedding, and accessories rather than spend his money with American companies:

Published: Jul 17, 2017

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