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News Mike Parson Friday, Oct 16 2020

Does Anyone Even Like Mike Parson?

Oct 16, 2020

Gov. Mike Parson was never elected governor and it shows. Even members of his own party question his leadership, prompting us to ask: does anyone actually like Mike or is the Missouri GOP only reluctantly supporting his lobbyist-funded campaign? 

Here are the Republicans who have spoken up: 

  • Bubs Hohulin, a former Republican state representative and chief of staff to Parson, said there was no way he would vote for him, citing Parson’s brutal tirades. Hohulin even appeared in an ad supporting Parson’s Democratic opponent. [Kansas City Star, 8/7/16]
  • John Lamping, a former Republican state senator, said it wasn’t “appropriate” that unelected Gov. Parson didn’t face a primary challenger in 2020. [Kansas City Star, 4/1/19]
  • Missouri Republicans wanted Jay Ashcroft to run against Parson in the primary. Mark Anthony Jones, former chairman of the Jackson County Republican Party, said he would support Ashcroft over Parson “in a heartbeat.” [Kansas City Star, 4/1/19]
  • Former Governor Eric Greitens believes Gov. Parson had a hand in revealing the scandal that forced him to resign after Greitens eliminated a tax-credit that benefitted Parson’s donors. [KMBC, 8/27/20]
  • The Republican-led state House staged a walkout during Parson’s recent special session, charging that he “pushed too hard in his demands.” Republican Rep. Justin Hill accused Parson of following the lead of former Gov. Greitens who also failed to collaborate with the Legislature. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 8/15/20]
  • When Republican Sen. Bill Eigel saw Gov. Parson’s budget proposal he remarked, “it’s a lot of spending,” and complained that it was higher than when Democrats controlled the governor’s mansion. [Kansas City Star, 4/1/19]
  • Nick Reed, a conservative radio host, nicknamed Gov. Parson as “Tax Hike Mike” because of his outspoken support for tax increases. [Kansas City Star, 4/1/19]
  • Even conservative donor Rex Sinquefield has attacked Parson, funding ads in 2016 that said Parson was “living off lobbyists” after he took over $45,000 in special interest gifts. [Kansas City Star, 6/24/16]

“Even fellow Republicans are tired of Mike Parson’s pushy, self-serving ways and know he’s only running to serve the interests of well-funded lobbyists who have flooded his campaign with cash,” said Katie Parrish, spokesperson at American Bridge 21st Century. “Missourians deserve a governor who knows how to lead with integrity, but even members of his own party know Gov. Mike Parson isn’t up to the job.”

Published: Oct 16, 2020

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