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Thursday, Jun 1 2017

Diplomacy Missing In Action

Jun 01, 2017

Never before has the State Department withheld its daily press briefings – not even for a week – but Rex Tillerson doesn’t seem to care. These press briefings are watched by allies around the world and inform global partners on where the U.S. stands on key issues. Today, American Bridge is launching Diplomacy Missing In Action, a website that tracks how long it’s been since the State Department held a daily briefing.

“Rex Tillerson’s State Department has not held one of its daily press briefings in over a month, weakening American leadership around the world,” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh. “Its time to remind Tillerson he isn’t a big oil ceo any more, he works for the American people and they are being denied daily accountability and transparency from our nation’s top diplomat in an unprecedented way.”

Visit Diplomacy Missing In Action to track how long its been since the State Department had its daily press briefing.

Published: Jun 1, 2017

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