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Tuesday, Mar 27 2012

Dick Lugar's Even Worse Week

Mar 27, 2012

Earlier this month, American Bridge put together a compilation video highlighting Dick Lugar’s awful week. It turns out last week was even worse!

American Bridge’s research was the basis for a breaking story that Lugar was caught violating ethics rules by asking taxpayers to pay for his hotel stays in Indiana — hotels he has to stay in because he doesn’t own a home there.

POLITICO: Lugar to repay hotel expenses

But previewing attacks from his opponents, Matt Thornton, a spokesman with the Democratic firm American Bridge 21st Century, which is tracking the race, said it’s a “shame” Lugar had to get “caught” to pay back taxpayers.

“The simple fact is this issue would never have happened if Lugar actually lived in the state,” Thornton said.

POLITICO: Lugar can’t vote in Indiana, for now (Headline changed later)

Even before the ruling, the Democratic-aligned opposition-research group American Bridge circulated a video attacking Lugar’s global jet-setting.
“Dick Lugar has been representing Indiana for 35 years,” says a narrator. “And he hasn’t lived there for any of them.”

WTHR Indianapolis: Lugar campaign hits new snag over Indianapolis hotel stays

Published: Mar 27, 2012

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