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DeKalb Residents React To Steel Dynamics

Jan 13, 2012

Butler Resident Diane Pinney: “We That Are On Social Security And Minimum Wages Cannot Afford Another Penny!” In letter written to the editor of The Butler Bulletin, Butler resident Diane Pinney wrote, “An article in today’s Journal Gazette (February 11, 1994) came to my attention. In fact, it hit me in the face! It seems that Keith Busse of Steel Dynamics, the Butler City Council, and Tom Lavin of the DeKalb County Council have been meeting directly, making deals for the Steel Dynamics plant that involve new taxes on Butler residents and all of DeKalb County…We that are on Social Security and minimum wages cannot afford another penny!!! When are we going to learn to say NO to this type of business deal? What are we going to get in return from this steel mill? I’m afraid that we’re only going to get taken- again!” [The Butler Bulletin, 2/15/94]

Resident Robin Young: “Let Sdi Pick Up Some Of (The Costs). Let Them Finance Some Of It… Small People Are Always Taxed But Can’t Get The Assistance”.  According to The Butler Bulletin, “Robin Young said ‘Let SDI pick up some of (the costs). Let them finance some of it.’ Angered by the tax, Young said the ‘Small people are always taxed but can’t get the assistance.’” [The Butler Bulletin, 3/1/94]

 Resident Suzanne Beemen: “If Mr. (Steel Dynamics President Keith) Busse Is Such A Good Businessman, Why Does He Need Our Tax Dollars?” According to The Butler Bulletin, “Suzanne Beemen said, ‘If Mr. (Steel Dynamics President Keith) Busse is such a good businessman, why does he need our tax dollars?’” [The Butler Bulletin, 3/1/94]

Jackson Township Resident: “I Think There Is A Very Strong (Effort) To Try And Stifle Citizens [Opposed To The Tax]”According to The Butler Bulletin, “Jackson Township resident Gary Bowser said, ‘This county has the paramount responsibility to taxpayers to look at all available options. Bowser recommended the council pro-rate any tax abatements to Steel Dynamics to the number of jobs given to DeKalb County residents. He also urged the council to require SDI to pledge a percentage of its profits during the term that bonds are issued. Finally, he said the county should create a strategic plan to explain how it would support other services if it gives support to the company. Bowser’s two minutes expired, but another audience member deferred his two minutes, and he was allowed to continue. Bowser said, ‘I think there is a very strong (effort) to try and stifle citizens. If you want to violate this trust, you may do so.’ He challenged the council to ‘give a fair, open broad hearing to the citizens who will be burdened with this tax.’” [The Butler Bulletin, 3/1/94]

The Butler Bulletin, March 1, 1994

The Butler Bulletin, February 15, 1994


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Published: Jan 13, 2012

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