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News Monday, Apr 17 2017

Dean Heller Will Probably Dodge These Five Questions

Apr 17, 2017

After Hiding For Months, Heller Will Finally Meet Some Voters

Dean Heller has been avoiding his constituents since Congress began, refusing to hold a town hall and even banning the press from the few events he does hold.

Now, over 3 months since Heller last held a public event, Heller has caved to the pressure and will have to meet his constituents face to face. He’ll have to answer for his laziness, his inability to advocate for Nevada, and his 100% voting record in support of Donald Trump’s agenda in the Senate.

Heller is so completely unable to defend his record, he’s going to let his buddy Rep. Mark Amodei “do all the talking.”

If Dean Heller bothers to do any homework at all before the town hall, here are five questions Heller will practice ways to duck and dodge:

1. Why did you vote to repeal the rules that would have protected our privacy on the internet from being sold to the highest bidder? You cosponsored the bill to let internet service providers sell individuals’ internet browsing history — exposing their financial matters and their health information to whoever wants to buy it.

2. Why do you still refuse to call for a special prosecutor and an independent investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia? Every week we learn something new and disturbing about Donald Trump’s campaign and administration’s ties to Russia. Just last week we learned that a warrant was issued to the FBI to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page’s conversations with Russian spies.

3. What do you have to say to Nevada families who will lose their health care under Trumpcare? You voted over 20 times to weaken or repeal the Affordable Care Act, and now we know your party’s replacement plan would strip health care from 150,000 Nevadans. And Senator, if you don’t want to admit you support Trumpcare, just tell Nevadans what your replacement plan is.

4. Is there anything you can do to advocate for Nevadans who oppose nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain? The Trump administration has proposed restarting spending on the project and Energy Secretary Rick Perry has taken a surprise trip to Yucca, making it look like you have no influence with your own party on Nevada’s top environmental issue.

5. Will you support funding the construction of Trump’s Wall this spring, like President Trump has requested? Since you have supported Trump’s agenda every single time it has come before the Senate, how you will vote for the Wall seems crystal clear.

Published: Apr 17, 2017

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