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Friday, Apr 7 2017

Dean Heller Votes to Confirm Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Apr 07, 2017

 Today, Senator Dean Heller voted to confirm Donald Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, a far-right activist judge who puts corporate profits above the constitutional rights of regular Americans.

American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“Nevadans lost today, because an activist judge who will always put their constitutional rights second to his far-right, pro-business agenda has been handed a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Instead of selecting a mainstream nominee, Donald Trump — with the advice and consent of conservative groups pumping $10 million into the process — chose Neil Gorsuch, who consistently sides with the wealthy and the powerful, and against working families and women’s health care. Instead of standing up for the people of Nevada, Senator Heller continued his unbroken streak of voting for Trump’s reckless agenda 100% of the time.”

Published: Apr 7, 2017

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