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Tuesday, Jun 17 2014

Dave Brat's Grand Old TEA Party

Jun 17, 2014

The Republican establishment was dealt a shocking blow last week when Eric Cantor, an ardent conservative and supposed young star of the GOP, was defeated by little-known Tea Party candidate Dave Brat.

The upset sent shockwaves through the Republican Party, and Brat wasted no time in demonstrating his extreme views. In an interview with Chuck Todd the day after winning his primary, Brat, an economics professor, appeared to lay out a case for abolishing the minimum wage, before backpedaling and claiming that he didn’t have a “well-crafted response on that one.”

But the real story isn’t Brat’s bumbling, or even Cantor’s fall from grace. The real story is that the positions of Dave Brat and his Tea Party friends and the positions of today’s “Republican establishment” aren’t any different. Whether you ask overnight Tea Party sensation Dave Brat, or longtime Washington elite Speaker Boehner, they’ll tell you the same thing. There ain’t any difference between the Tea Party and the GOP.

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Published: Jun 17, 2014

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