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Cuccinelli on video: Senate needs "more Ted Cruzes"

Sep 30, 2013

With just hours left until the federal government shuts down, Ken Cuccinelli is still refusing to condemn the efforts of Sen. Ted Cruz and his followers. Cuccinelli’s stubborn refusal to stand up to the Tea Party and fight for what’s best for Virginia speaks volumes about his extreme views misplaced priorities.

Cuccinelli’s silence is no surprise. Last summer, Cuccinelli addressed a gathering of the Tea Party blog RedState and told the crowd that the Senate needed “more Ted Cruzes in there to back up Jim DeMint.”

Of course, Cruz and DeMint (who resigned from the Senate to become president of the Heritage Foundation) are the driving forces behind the GOP’s Shutdown Caucus. Like Cuccinelli, Cruz and DeMint have a history of ignoring the views of a vast majority of Americans in pursuit of their extreme Tea Party ideology.


CUCCINELLI: “I’m glad Ted Cruz was here. That was a great win. You know, you get more Ted Cruzes in there to back up Jim DeMint and you have less to worry about. You want to elect people you don’t have to lobby. Sort of launch and leave missiles, politically speaking. Ted Cruz is a good one, and he’s a smart missile. So that’s out there as within reach. We can repeal Obamacare on November 6th. That’s action item number one. Three Senators and a new President. Three Senators and a new president gets us there.”

Published: Sep 30, 2013

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