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News Wednesday, Feb 15 2017

By Our Count, This Would Be Investigation #4

Feb 15, 2017

Less than four weeks into his term, Donald Trump’s administration is about to be under investigation number four, as Senate Republicans call for Congress to launch a probe into National Security Advisory Michael Flynn’s resignation. 
One – FBI is still looking into Trump’s ties to Russia, as of this morning. 
Two – House Oversight Committee today began looking into Trump’s handling of sensitive information at Mar a Lago after he was caught taking a call about a North Korean missile test from the dining room. 
Three – Office of Governmental Oversight urged the White House to take disciplinary action against Kellyanne Conway, adding that if the White House declines OGE will begin its own disciplinary process.
Four – Washington Post: Top Republican senators say congress should probe Flynn situation 

Published: Feb 15, 2017

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