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Gino Campana Monday, Mar 21 2022

COSEN GOPer Cited Council Role For Special Police Treatment

Mar 21, 2022

According to a Friday report from the Associated PressColorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Gino Campana in 2013 attempted to “name-drop” himself out of receiving a citation from the police, citing his then-role as a Fort Collins City Council member.

According to the AP, the Colorado Senate hopeful was warned by the police that he’d need to cooperate, and risked being arrested for obstruction, after arguingover a citation during  a  graduation party: 

“[Responding police officer Brandon] Barnes wrote that Campana approached him and his partner and introduced himself simply as Gino. After the officers explained why they were there, Barnes wrote, ‘Gino then said that he was Gino Campana, and that he was on the Fort Collins City Council.’ Campana also ‘made the comment that he did not want to read about this in the newspaper tomorrow morning,’ Barnes wrote.”

Read the full report from the AP here.


Published: Mar 21, 2022

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