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News Wednesday, Jan 20 2016

Conspiracy Theorists For Ted Cruz

Jan 20, 2016

Adding to the congregation of extremists supporting Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck announced his endorsement of the Texas senator today. Beck is infamous for his violent rhetoric and collection of outlandish conspiracy theories that eventually forced even Fox News to show him the door.

  • Glenn Beck believes the “Department of Education is installing sensors in school chairs and MRI machines in classrooms in order to gather personal information about students and parents as a means of establishing “System X” with one political party controlling all aspects of life.”
  • Beck touted a theory that the government wanted to cover up parts of the Boston marathon bombing: “The conservative radio and television host has been promoting the idea that the US government is in on a plot to hide details of the Boston bombing plot and is covering up the involvement of a Saudi national once reported as a suspect.”
  • In 2010, Beck said he thought the Obama administration would put together an Oklahoma City-type attack. “They are setting up an Oklahoma City, they are claiming that one is coming and they’re already marked the one who caused it.”
  • Beck also promoted the idea that President Obama would release the 1993 World Trade Center bomber.
  • Beck once warned listeners against using Google because the company could be “just a shill… for the United States government.”
Cruz’s unpopular standing with the Republican establishment may be what first got Beck’s attention, but it was the senator’s dangerously far-right policies that won him Beck’s endorsement. His latest endorser makes it clearer than ever: Cruz is not only completely out-of-touch with the majority of Americans, but with reality.

Published: Jan 20, 2016

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