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News Monday, Jul 9 2018

Conservative Radio Host Tells Hawley He's Not "Brave Enough To Have A Primary Debate"

Jul 09, 2018

On Annie Frey’s radio show on Friday, the conservative radio host took Attorney General Josh Hawley to task for refusing to participate in primary debates with his Republican opponents. Hawley — surprise, surprise, ducked the question:

Host: “Are you brave enough to have a primary debate. That’s the question I keep getting the most and how do you feel about having that conversation with your primary Republican candidates before August 7th vote?”

Hawley: ” Well, I tell ya who I would like to have a debate is Claire McCaskill and I’ve challenged her, Annie, to a debate on the United States Supreme Court, the defining issue of this election. I’ve said I’ll debate you any time, anywhere…”

Host: “I think people would love love to hear that as well. I do know that they would love to hear you debate those primary candidates as well.”

[The Annie Frey Show on KFTK St. Louis, 7/6/18]

That’s right. Hawley was directly asked if he’s “brave enough” for a primary debate. He ducked the question. He failed the test.

“No, Josh Hawley isn’t brave enough to debate his Republican primary opponents. Josh Hawley is just another ladder-climbing politician who is out for himself — and he doesn’t care about his own party’s grassroots or the people of Missouri. Instead of competing for his party’s nomination, he’s once again counting on Jefferson City political insiders to pull the strings in his favor,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Published: Jul 9, 2018

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