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Wednesday, Mar 18 2015

CO Flashback: Coffman Called Social Security "Ponzi scheme"

Mar 18, 2015

With news breaking today that the national GOP is trying to draft Congressman Mike Coffman to run for Senate in Colorado, a reminder from 2011 that his record isn’t likely to pass the smell test:

POLITICO: Coffman on board with ‘Ponzi scheme’

Second-term Colorado GOP Rep. Mike Coffman is on board with Rick Perry’s characterization of Social Security, calling it a “Ponzi scheme” on a local radio show.

The Big Media Blog posted the (above) audio of Coffman’s comments, which assessed Perry’s debate performance:

“I am obviously going to support whoever the nominee is. But I have to admit to you philosophically I am closer to Perry. Obviously, I hope he gets better on the debate stuff. I think he did good. I think he did better on Social Security. I think obviously it is a Ponzi scheme, but he has to say he is going to fix it. And he did that in the last debate where he didn’t do that in the first debate. Now I think that was positive.”

Even as recent as today, Democrats are attempting to link GOP candidates to Perry’s Social Security position, but it appears some are willing to openly embrace it without prodding.

Right now it’s mostly a talking point, but if Perry continues to gain steam towards the presidential nomination, House and Senate candidates will inevitably pressed on whether they hold the same view as the sharp-tongued Texan.

The question is how many of them fall into the Coffman camp and how many are forced into verbal gymnastics to show separation without seeming disloyal to the nominee.

Published: Mar 18, 2015

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