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Tom Perez Tuesday, Sep 21 2021

Co-Chair Tom Perez Statement on Parliamentarian Ruling

Sep 21, 2021

American Bridge 21st Century co-chair Tom Perez released the following statement today after the Senate parliamentarian’s decision regarding the pathway to legal status via reconciliation:

“Despite yesterday’s deeply disappointing ruling, this is only the beginning. We are not deterred and are moving to the next stage of this fight. Democratic leadership will continue to fight for the millions of immigrants, farmworkers, frontline workers, and care workers that have made positive and impactful contributions to our great nation and worked tirelessly to help keep so many families alive during the pandemic,” said Tom Perez, co-chair of American Bridge 21st Century.

“Fixing our broken immigration system is not a one-off process. The Biden-Harris Administration and Democrats in Congress will move forward with alternative measures for undocumented citizens until we get a yes.

“Through President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda, I am confident this administration will keep its promise to provide a pathway to citizenship this year. We won’t take no for an answer.”


Published: Sep 21, 2021

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