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Co-Chair Statements on Republicans Allowing Child Tax Credits to Expire

Jan 14, 2022

As a direct result of  Republican opposition, families will not receive another installment of President Biden and congressional Democrats’ Child Tax Credit after today. Republicans uniformly oppose this historic middle-class tax cut that was signed into law as a part of the American Rescue Plan. These tax cuts lifted millions of children out of poverty all over the country. 

In response to Republicans turning their backs on American families, American Bridge 21st Century co-chairs Governor Steve BullockGovernor Deval PatrickTom PerezCecile Richards, and President Jessica Floyd released the following statements:

“In refusing to continue this common sense policy, every single Republican is choosing to make life harder for middle class families today,” said Governor Steve Bullock. “These tax breaks cut child poverty by nearly 40%. With rural communities facing higher child poverty rates and widespread child care deserts, it is devastating that they are taking away these vital tax cuts for working families. While Democrats and President Biden have been hard at work delivering help to those who need it most, Republicans are playing politics and are beholden to big corporations.” 

“Democrats delivered a tax break for millions of parents last year of up to $3,600 for every child at home – and today Republicans took it away,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “Instead of seeing the good in helping parents help their kids, Republicans just saw another chance to oppose Democrats. Another thing to show what their politics has become, and to remember when it’s time to vote in November.”

“Republicans unanimously decided to cut off a historic lifeline for working parents by standing in opposition to the child tax credit,” said Tom Perez. “By choosing to let this tax cut expire, Republicans are saying loud and clear that they don’t care about the millions of children this tax cut lifted out of poverty, stronger economic security for low-wage workers during this unprecedented time, and reduced racial income disparities. They want to follow the footsteps of the disastrous Trump administration that gave tax cuts to the wealthy few.” 

“Every single Republican voted against the American Rescue Plan – and as a result of Republicans’ refusal to work with Democrats on the president’s agenda, families will not receive support through the Child Tax Credit for the first time since last July,” said Cecile Richards. “These tax cuts have made it possible for millions of families to cover basic expenses like food, health care, and child care during the pandemic. And while President Biden has built his agenda on cutting taxes for middle-class families and making sure the wealthy pay their fair share, Republicans continue to push for massive tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest Americans while turning their backs on America’s families.”

“The Child Tax Credit the Republicans let expire was for working parents like Naomi and Amy who received financial support to help with the cost of child care, health care bills, and other critical needs,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “American Bridge 21st Century will hold Republicans accountable for standing with their wealthy right wing donors and big corporations instead of families who benefited from these middle class tax cuts. Republicans pretend to care about the economy, and then stand in the way of American families getting the tax breaks they deserve–that’s not the leadership we need and we’ll make sure voters know just how out of step Republicans are.” 


Here is what people have to say about this tax cut for working families that Republicans let expire today: 


Up North NewsThe Expanded Child Tax Credit Has Lifted 45K Wisconsin Children Out of Poverty. It Will Expire Soon if Congress Doesn’t Act.

  • “‘[The Child Tax Credit] has allowed us some peace of mind as prices are climbing for groceries, gas, clothing and basic needs,’ [Danette Brown, a young mother of two] said ‘The child tax credit has allowed us to bridge that gap and let us leap over that hole we find ourselves in a few times a year.’”


PennLive OpinionCongress must Build Back Better for Pa. kids 

  • “This legislation is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help end child hunger. Across the Commonwealth, it could strengthen access to school meals for nearly 600,000 students and tackle summer hunger with the creation of a Summer EBT program.”


Georgia Public BroadcastingThe COVID-era child tax credit saved her family

  • “Families have said they used the money toward various essentials — ranging from rent to child care, food to flat tires. During the stressful holiday season, the money eased worries of having food on the table for Thanksgiving and being able to buy presents for Christmas.”


The Palm Beach Post OpinionChild Tax Credit extension needed for Fla. families

  • “Extending the monthly Child Tax Credit another year is just good public policy. Studies from Washington University in St. Louis and Humanity Forward show that in less than half a year, the monthly payments have helped reduce poverty and food insecurity for over 36 million American families.”

The Florida Times-Union OpinionThe child tax credit expansion is a lifeline – Marco Rubio wants to take It away

  • “If Rubio spent time talking with parents like me who are relying on these tax cuts instead of playing partisan political games, he’d see that this program is helping us meet the rising costs of daily life that he’s done little to fight.”


Las Vegas SunAs end of child tax credit payments approaches, Nevada Democrats push for extension

  • “‘It’s just been a huge help in that area,’ Muñoz, a Las Vegas mother, said. ‘You always think, ‘oh it’s some extra money.’ It’s never extra money. … Kids always need, there’s always something that needs to be bought.’”

This is RenoNevada families have netted $750 million from child tax credit so far this year

  • “In Nevada’s fourth congressional district, 97% of households benefited from the child tax credit lifting about 9,700 children out of poverty, according to Rep. Horsford’s office.”


Published: Jan 14, 2022 | Last Modified: Jan 16, 2022

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