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AB Leadership Voting Rights Monday, Jan 17 2022

Co-Chair Gov. Deval Patrick’s Statement Honoring MLK Day

Jan 17, 2022

As Democrats work to secure the right to vote for all citizens, American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Gov. Deval Patrick released the following statement on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, commemorating the civil rights icon and calling for a renewed commitment to make lasting change legislatively and at the ballot box next November:

“Today, we remember a giant whose Dream for a stronger, more just America inspired millions, and continues to serve as a North Star for me and many others. In so many of the ways America keeps faith today with its highest principles, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy lives on.”

“King’s legacy is an American legacy, achieved in spite of extremists who did not believe in participatory democracy or the fundamental notion that all people should be free. That legacy is threatened again today by the same forces. Republican measures to make it harder to register, to stay registered, and to have every vote count have become law in several states. Add to this hyper-partisan gerrymandering, the flood of dark money, and new authority to overturn election outcomes they don’t like and it’s plain that the right has taken direct aim at the vision, the work, and the sacrifice of King and countless others, even the Founders themselves.”

“We must have voting rights reforms from Congress. Between Republicans who oppose free and fair elections and a few Democrats who naively hide behind procedural rules, Washington seems a discouraging place right now. Dr. King taught us ‘We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.’ Democracy will ultimately be saved by all of us. We need to organize and engage our fellow citizens, from both parties or no party at all. And we need to do it now, and year-round, election cycle after election cycle, until the Congress reflects and respects the will of the people. We must overwhelm the barriers to voting that Republicans have erected and secure our freedom at the ballot box.”

“To honor Dr. King’s Dream, and our own, it’s up to each of us now to engage voters, turn out in unprecedented numbers, and use our ‘sacred right’ to vote out the extremists and elect leaders who will respect the right to vote.”

Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, American Bridge 21st Century launched BridgeTogether – a new initiative spearheaded by Gov. Patrick that aims to empower grassroots activists and funds year-round citizen engagement efforts in key swing states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

BridgeTogether has already awarded grants to Fair Count, Vote Riders, AZ Vets Forward, Unity in the Community, and 1K Women Strong, five local groups emphasizing civic engagement and voter education.


Published: Jan 17, 2022 | Last Modified: Jan 25, 2022

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