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News Tuesday, Aug 30 2016

Chuck Grassley Minces Words, Tries To Have It Both Ways On SCOTUS

Aug 30, 2016

At a town hall meeting in Iowa yesterday, Chuck Grassley attempted to mince words and run from his repeated refusal to do his job and hold a hearing to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. When asked about filling the vacancy, Grassley offered a circular, mealy mouthed answer claiming that he’d hold hearings to confirm President Obama’s nominee if a majority of senators wanted to do so.

In a panic over his dropping poll numbers and repeated questions from voters, Grassley is now attempting to have it both ways on the Supreme Court. Make no mistake — as chair of the Judiciary Committee, Grassley has led the charge in obstructing the nomination of a Supreme Court justice,  and even confirmed at the Roast & Ride this weekend that he’s committed to working behind the scenes to hold the seat open for a potential Trump nominee.

WATCH Grassley’s shameful attempt to explain his obstructionism below:

Published: Aug 30, 2016

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