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Friday, Nov 4 2016

Christie back to fetching McDonalds for Trump

Nov 04, 2016

Christie: “Guilty or not guilty?”; Rabid masses: “GUILTY!”


Donald Trump’s transition chair and almost VP pick, Chris Christie, was finally out of the dog house and given permission to campaign on Trump’s behalf in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania this weekend…that is, until today when two of his top aides were found guilty of all charges in the Bridgegate political scandal.

Now that Christie’s allies were found guilty, don’t the prosecution’s assertions that Christie knew about using government resources for political retaliation have even greater crediblity?

And what does it say about Donald Trump that he’d keep Christie in his inner circle through these allegations of corruption and using taxpayer dollars to settle personal vendettas — especially since Trump previously claimed that Christie “totally knew about it”? One hint as to why Trump has maintained a close friendship with Christie might lie with Christie wiping out $25 million of Trump’s tax bill owed by his Atlantic City casinos.

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Published: Nov 4, 2016

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