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News Friday, Apr 22 2016

Chris Sununu: Supported By, And Supporting, Anti-Muslim Xenophobes Like Donald Trump

Apr 22, 2016

Today Chris Sununu stood by the endorsement of a supporter who made anti-Muslim comments, even while he denounced the specific comments.  Apparently, Sununu is still pleased to accept the support of a man who claimed Muslims are trying to replace U.S. law with Sharia law, and that President Obama is “probably getting paid by the Muslims” for the Iran deal.

Chris Sununu is an attractive option to anti-Muslim politicians; avowed anti-Muslim Donald Trump is, apparently, an attractive presidential option for Sununu. Now that Sununu has rejected xenophobic comments of a supporter, will he reject the anti-Muslim rhetoric of Republican front-runner Donald Trump or will he stand by his pledge to support Trump?

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Published: Apr 22, 2016

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