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News Tuesday, Feb 13 2018

Chaos Ensues in North Dakota as Republicans Try to Find Anyone But Campbell to Run for Senate

Feb 13, 2018

Republicans are hitting the panic button in North Dakota.

After five separate candidates the GOP tried to recruit decided not to run, including Rep. Kevin Cramer, who passed on a Senate bid last month, Republicans were left with only State Rep. Tom Campbell.

Republicans hate Campbell so much, that they turned to former state party chair Gary Emineth to get in the race. But Emineth’s campaign rapidly imploded under the weight of racist social media posts, and — less than two weeks after he declared — he announced today he was dropping out.

Now Republicans are so desperate that they’re back to recruiting Cramer, who they once urged to stay out of the race due to his penchant for sexist and anti-Semitic gaffes. They’re so desperate to recruit Cramer, Republican operatives are publicly sabotaging Tom Campbell.

“Across the country Republicans are struggling to fundraise and to recruit quality candidates, but nowhere is the chaos and self-destructive infighting more obvious than in North Dakota,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “So far, five possible Republican recruits have turned down the chance to run for Senate in North Dakota, and declared candidates included a convicted criminal and a not-so-veiled racist. Republicans have gotten so desperate, they’re actually pleading with Kevin Cramer — a gaffe-prone career politician who they once urged not to run.”

Published: Feb 13, 2018

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