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AB Leadership Cecile Richards Thursday, Dec 2 2021

Cecile Richards Hits GOP For Efforts To End The Right to Safe, Legal Abortion

Dec 02, 2021

After yesterday’s oral arguments in the Supreme Court on Mississippi’s unconstitutional abortion ban, American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair and former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards called out Republican politicians who are dead set on ending nearly 50 years of precedent and taking away access to safe, legal abortion by overturning Roe v. Wade.

There is no “middle ground.” Eighty percent of the country supports legal abortion, and should Republicans be successful in unraveling this constitutional right, 36 million women in 26 states could lose access to abortion


Katie Couric – Wake Up Call: The debate over a Mississippi law is considered one of the most consequential in decades

“‘The people who are most impacted by these crucial unconstitutional laws are people who already have the least access to affordable, high-quality healthcare,’ says former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. ‘And that’s young people women, women of color, [and] people who live in rural areas where healthcare is often very hard to come by.

‘People who need reproductive health care, they come from all parties and all walks of life,’ Richards, who’s now co-chair of the Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, tells us. ‘This is not a partisan or political issue. It’s a healthcare issue.’”

The 19th NewsDemocrats see a winning midterm message: Vote, or Texas-style abortion laws are ‘coming to a state near you’

“‘The Supreme Court always seems so remote, so far away … but this is no longer a hypothetical issue that could come to pass, it has come to pass in Texas, and it is affecting families, we’re seeing what a post-Roe world looks like,’ said Cecile Richards, a past president of Planned Parenthood and a current co-chair at American Bridge.

‘The world changed after the Texas law went into effect,’ she added.”


Published: Dec 2, 2021 | Last Modified: Dec 10, 2021

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