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Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker

Press Releases Herschel Walker Thursday, Jul 7 2022

“Candidate In Chaos:” Herschel Walker’s Closest Advisors Believe He is A “Pathological Liar”

Jul 07, 2022

According to a bombshell report from the Daily Beast, internal texts and emails from Herschel Walker’s campaign reveal a “candidate in chaos” after the Georgia U.S. Senate Republican nominee repeatedly lied to his closest campaign advisors, losing the trust of his own staff, and leading many on his team to believe he is a “pathological liar” unfit, unprepared, and unable to serve in the U.S. Senate.

As highlighted in the reporting, Walker’s “own campaign stopped believing him long ago” and most aides have “‘zero’ trust in the candidate.” While he has been able to avoid tough questions and dodge difficult interviews, “any public interaction carries enormous risk.”

Via the Daily Beast:

  • “Emails and texts show advisers discussing how they don’t trust Walker—both to tell the truth to them and to handle campaign events properly.”
  • “He spouts falsehoods ‘like he’s breathing,’ this adviser said—so much so that his own campaign stopped believing him long ago.”
  • “‘He’s lied so much that we don’t know what’s true,’ the person said, adding that aides have ‘zero’ trust in the candidate. Three people interviewed for this article independently called him a ‘pathological liar.’
  • “The campaign source painted a picture of an operation that for months has been at the mercy of a volatile, deceitful candidate.”
  • “‘A campaign’s worst nightmare,’ the source said. ‘It’s like a shitshow on a train in the middle of a wreck.’”
  • “In conversations with GOP higher-ups, senior Walker campaign aides have held back on their ongoing struggles with containing, directing, and cleaning up after Walker—even if, internally, they believe he’s a serious liability, according to this source who is familiar with those conversations.”
  • “Aides have secretly derided Walker for months, according to this person and internal communications seen by The Daily Beast. They have ridiculed his intelligence. They fear his mood swings and instability. And staffers worry he could embarrass himself at any moment, setting the campaign back yet again and burning energy on damage control.”

In the nine months since he started his campaign, Walker has repeatedly been caught lying, raising serious questions about his lack of integrity and failure to be honest with Georgia voters.

Most notably Walker has lied about his veterans “charity” work for which he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by a predatory for-profit program that allegedly took advantage of veterans, lied about his income and violated federal ethics law, lied about and inflated his business record, lied about his academic accomplishments, lied about COVID and the safe and effective vaccines, and lied about spreading misinformation about the 2020 election.

Published: Jul 7, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 26, 2022

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