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News Tuesday, Mar 1 2016

By Channeling Trump, Cruz Wins In The Lone Star State

Mar 01, 2016

Ted Cruz can proclaim victory tonight in his must-win home state of Texas. Cruz remains the only Republican candidate who has beaten Donald Trump and he’ll take home the majority of the whopping 155 delegates, but don’t be mistaken: Trump’s no loser in the Lone Star State.

Cruz only managed to win by channeling Trump’s campaign promises to build a wall and forcibly deport undocumented immigrants while taking advantage of his home turf. And desperate as they may be to slow down Trump, the Republican establishment won’t be celebrating Ted “shut down the government” Cruz’s win.

Cruz has done just as much damage — if not more — to the Republican Party as Trump has. Cruz is ripping the 2012 GOP rebrand to shreds. The senator from Houston’s extremism perfectly mirrors Trump’s and if anything, Cruz’s win only reaffirms that the GOP is the #PartyOfTrump.

Tonight, Ted Cruz sent shock waves through the Republican establishment by showing he’s the only one capable so far of beating Donald Trump.

Published: Mar 1, 2016

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