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Friday, Jan 27 2012

BuzzFeed: Romney Camp Keeps Bad News Out Of The Emails

Jan 27, 2012

On January 26, 2012, BuzzFeed reported:

 If you read the emails from Mitt Romney’s campaign, there are no tough questions, no gaffes, no slip-ups: Everything’s going swimmingly.

The reason: The campaign makes a practice of whitewashing transcripts and stories before circulating to the press, a practice that has become familiar to reporters covering the candidate.
For example, last Monday, during a press call with Tim Pawlenty, a Miami Herald reporter asked the campaign surrogate about Romney’s investments in Freddie Mac.
“The Democratic group American Bridge has pointed out that Mitt Romney invested in these federal government loan ventures as well, and therefore his hands aren’t clean,” reporter Marc Caputo said. “Can you respond to that?”

Pawlenty punted on the question–saying that he’d “have to ask the campaign to follow up with you.” But when the Romney press shop e-mailed out a transcript of the call later that day, the exchange was nowhere to be found.

Read the full article here.

Published: Jan 27, 2012

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