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News Foreign Policy Sunday, Jul 31 2016

But wait! Trump made news this morning on Ukraine, Putin, tax returns…

Jul 31, 2016

Donnie made waves this morning by lashing out at the Gold Star parents of a soldier killed in Iraq, but he also displayed a stunning (and dangerous) lack of understanding of foreign policy and even basic facts on global events.

– Claiming Putin isn’t going to go into Ukraine (he already has, in Crimea).

– Mimicking Russian talking points on Crimea: “The people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia.”

– Doesn’t have, then does have, a relationship with Putin.

– Won’t release tax returns because, with Romney, “I actually don’t think he lost because of the 47 percent. I think he lost because of a couple of really minor items in a tax return.”

– Defending hiring foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago.

– Incomprehensible babbling when asked what voters think when they hear Trump can’t hire American workers.

Published: Jul 31, 2016

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