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Bringing Down the House: Unmaking the GOP Congressional Candidates Volume 1

Apr 19, 2024

In a newly-resurfaced clip, former congresswoman and current candidate Yvette Herrell (NM-02) told viewers of a 2020 candidate forum, “I wish we could have eliminated all abortion in this state.”

Herrell loudly supported the Supreme Court’s decision in 2022 to overturn Roe v. Wade and, as a member of Congress, she co-sponsored the Life at Conception Act in 2021 — which is a direct attack on reproductive health care, including IVF.

But this time, as Herrell runs for Congress, she’s cut all references to her anti-abortion policies from her website and campaign materials, and is now saying she will “continue to fully support” IVF.

Herrell isn’t the only Republican trying to outrun their anti-abortion rights record. With the Arizona legislature refusing to take up a repeal of the 1864 abortion ban, Reps. David Schweikert, Eli Crane, and Juan Ciscomani are reckoning with their efforts and support of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Published: Apr 19, 2024 | Last Modified: Apr 29, 2024

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