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News Wednesday, Oct 3 2012

DEBATE PREP: American Bridge Releases 25 Issue Briefs on Romney’s Record

Oct 03, 2012

American Bridge today released 25 policy-based research briefings laying out the truth about Gov. Mitt Romney’s record.

Romney recently expressed his concern that President Obama will “say things that aren’t true” in their upcoming debate. It takes some brass for Mitt to make that statement, considering his own history of mendacity.

VIDEO AND MEMO: Romney’s Circus of Lies

To assure that Romney is held accountable when he attempts to distort the truth during the debate, American Bridge published our research on those topics that are most likely to arise Wednesday night. From the auto bailout to veterans’ issues, these documents present the facts about Mitt Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts and offer a reminder of the positions he staked as a candidate during the Republican primary.

This research can be used as a refresher in preparation for the debate, so that you can evaluate Romney’s claims with the appropriate level of skepticism. Or, they can be used to check the facts if something Romney says during the debate doesn’t quite add up. Either way, consider these a resource to help make sure that Mitt Romney doesn’t get away with saying things that aren’t true.

Published: Oct 3, 2012

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