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Friday, Jun 9 2017

BREAKING: Trump Defends Obstruction Of Justice Allegations With More Lies

Jun 09, 2017

Right after claiming former FBI Director James Comey lied under oath when saying Trump asked him for a loyalty pledge and pressured him to drop his Flynn investigation, President Trump went on to defend his alleged interference with more lies — but not before offering to testify under oath. Many have called the scandal “worse than Watergate” and a clear case of obstruction of justice.

“The President can lie all he wants but that won’t change the facts. If he wants to keep on digging, he should feel free, but it’s not going to get him out of this scandal,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “Donald Trump should finally put his money where his mouth is and testify under oath about his meetings with former FBI Director James Comey. The country would love to hear what he has to say.”


Published: Jun 9, 2017

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