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News Wednesday, Jun 6 2018

BREAKING: NV Indy Exposes Adam Laxalt’s Sham Investigation Against Rapist Supporter

Jun 06, 2018

The Nevada Independent reported this morning that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt has been lying to Nevadans about his office’s supposed investigation into Laxalt’s supporter, alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Gerald Antinoro.

“This report confirms what we already suspected: Adam Laxalt’s supposed investigation into the alleged rapist supporting his campaign is a complete sham,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Adam Laxalt has used his office to strong arm regulators on behalf of his biggest donor, but he won’t lift a finger for the women making these serious allegations against Laxalt’s friend. It’s a shame Gerald Antinoro’s victims can’t afford to write the checks Laxalt’s billionaire puppet masters can write to Laxalt. Maybe then they’d get some justice.”

Key points:

  • “A top official in the attorney general’s office asserted that allegations of sexual misconduct and perjury made against a controversial Storey County sheriff are outside the statute of limitations, according to a lawyer for a developer who has urged Adam Laxalt to investigate the matter.”
    “That same official, investigations chief Ron Swanson, also told a tribal police chief that the attorney general’s office would not be looking into the allegations ‘because none of the information in the deposition (in a lawsuit by a former chief deputy who raised allegations of sexual harassment) rises to the level of criminal investigation.’”
  • “And the deputy who made the original allegations against Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, which were found to be credible by the county, said through a spokesperson that she had not been contacted by anyone in the attorney general’s office regarding Antinoro or her lawsuit.”
  • “These revelations come against the backdrop of Laxalt refusing to talk about the allegations against Antinoro, who has had more than 10 complaints filed against him, by claiming there is an ongoing investigation. But Joey Gilbert, the Reno attorney for the developers of the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center who have tried to recall the sheriff, raised serious questions about whether a probe actually is occurring.”
  • “Yoma Tribal Chief of Police Stewart Handte said in an interview that on May 4, Swanson asked him to submit his name in an official complaint against Antinoro. Handte said after thinking about it, he declined to add his name. Handte informed Swanson of his decision in a return phone call on May 22.”
    ‘”There was no need to put my name on the complaint,’ Handte said. ‘There is already a complaint. The attorney general has a conflict of interest, as Antinoro is endorsing him for governor.'”
  • “When asked why he thinks Swanson would ask him to add his name to a complaint and then say there was no investigation, Handte said it was to create the appearance that Laxalt was investigating Antinoro.”
    “’There may be underlying circumstances but in my opinion, it is a political game. I warned Adam Laxalt about Antinoro in 2014. How can you justify saying one thing like ‘we are doing an investigation’ when you are not?’ Handte said.”

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Published: Jun 6, 2018

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