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Monday, Jun 19 2017

BREAKING: New Poll Shows Dean Heller Crumbling Over Trumpcare

Jun 19, 2017

A new PPP poll out this morning shows Dean Heller’s support in Nevada crumbling as voters learn more about the Republican health care plan. Nevada’s least effective politician is busy selling out his constituents’ health care — and the numbers prove they will hold Heller accountable in 2018.


  • Heller is 13 points underwater on job approval and 7 points underwater against a generic Democrat.
  • Nevadans disapprove of the House-passed health care bill by a 20-point margin. Only 31% of Nevadans approve.
  • 59% of Nevadans have very serious concerns about ending Medicaid expansion — which Heller has decided to support.
  • 57% of Nevadans have very serious concerns about the secretive process Senate Republicans like Dean Heller are using to try to pass their health care bill.
  • 62% of Nevadans have very serious concerns that the bill would be a massive tax break for corporations and the wealthy.
  • No wonder 45% of Nevadans would be less likely to vote for Heller if he voted for the Senate GOP health care bill.

Read the full poll results here.

Published: Jun 19, 2017

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