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Monday, Nov 3 2014

BREAKING AUDIO: Perdue's Closing Argument

Nov 03, 2014

Asked today about whether his company was closing down American plants as they opened others overseas, Perdue quickly responded, “Sure, we closed down plants all the time…”

Listen to the breaking audio above.

It’s an interesting closing argument — no pun intended — to cap off what’s been a disastrous last month for David Perdue’s campaign, as a series of events shed light on both his business career and his worldview. His downward spiral began when an old deposition surfaced, revealing that Perdue himself had admitted, “I spent most of my career” outsourcing.  Asked the next day how he would defend that record, Perdue looked shocked — “Well defend it? I’m proud of it!” he replied.

Since then, Perdue has been desperately trying to turn the narrative away from his career as an outsourcer, but to little avail. It seems he can’t stop himself from accidentally telling the truth about his record. Today’s gaffe is just the latest in a string of comments underscoring that when it comes to Perdue’s business record, he’s constantly prioritized personal profits over the lives of American workers.

Watch our recent video to see how his outsourcing career has become a major political liability: David Perdue: Career Outsourcer

Published: Nov 3, 2014

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