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News Friday, Jul 15 2016

American Bridge's First Look: Mike Pence

Jul 15, 2016

Now that Donald Trump has officially picked Mike Pence to join the ticket, I wanted to pass along American Bridge’s First Look research report.

Mike Pence is a Party of Trump extremist. With his pick of Mike Pence as his VP nominee, Donald Trump chose a tea party radical who can match him on his xenophobic, anti-woman rhetoric with a history of pushing anti-worker, anti-immigrant policies that would hurt our country. Pence signed in the discriminatory RFRA bill and, in the mold of Trump, tried to start a state-run news agency.

Pence has already discredited himself because he’s turning a blind eye on Trump’s history of turning a profit by scamming hard-working Americans and his ban on Muslims that even Pence called “unconstitutional.”

Trump’s pick is yet another bad campaign decision that only serves to highlight how extreme Trump and his Republican Party are heading into Trump’s convention. This is the latest reason why Donald Trump is unfit for office and does not have the temperament to pass the Commander-in-Chief test.

Click here to download American Bridge’s First Look: Donald Trump’s VP Pick:


Published: Jul 15, 2016

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