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Tuesday, Feb 5 2013

American Bridge Wins Reed Awards For Best Direct Mail Piece, IE Campaign

Feb 05, 2013

Arlington, VA – Campaigns & Elections announced that American Bridge 21st Century has been awarded multiple 2013 Reed Awards for excellence in the categories of Best Direct Mail Piece of 2012 and Independent Expenditure Campaign.

The awards recognized American Bridge’s groundbreaking “talking” mailer titled “Todd Akin: We’ve Heard Enough.” After first discovering and disseminating Akin’s infamous “legitimate rape” comments, American Bridge utilized the talking mailer to educate Missouri voters about Todd Akin’s extreme positions on many issues. In addition to his views on rape, the mailer showed Akin’s out-of-the-mainstream stances on Medicare, Social Security and student loans. The piece was designed by the direct mail consulting firm Ourso Beychok.

The Reed Awards recognize excellence in campaign management, political consulting and political communication. The awards, named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, embody his mission to strive for excellence in political campaigning.

“As we celebrate the best in political campaigning and communication for the fifth annual Reed Awards Dinner, Campaigns & Elections is proud to acknowledge the groundbreaking entries submitted by the members of this exclusive group of award winners,” said Campaigns & Elections Publisher Shane Greer. “We’re grateful for the efforts and insights of our outstanding panel of judges and equally grateful to host our finalists and winners, all of whom have put forth remarkable and influential work this year.”

American Bridge 21st Century is a progressive organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions through the use of opposition research, candidate tracking, and earned media communications.

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Published: Feb 5, 2013

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