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News Wednesday, Aug 27 2014

American Bridge Welcomes Scandal-Scarred, Self Interest-Serving Scott to the General Election

Aug 27, 2014

With primary season now in the rear view, Floridians have 10 weeks left to examine Rick Scott’s record. That’s bad news for Rick Scott, who you may recall isn’t a big fan of being scrutinized. But then again, you wouldn’t be either if you had his record.

Scott was elected four years ago amidst a Tea Party wave, promising to carry out a Tea Party agenda, and delivering on that promise. But these days, Scott’s trying to sell a different version of himself — a version that is clearly undermined by his record — and nobody is buying it.

In honor of the first day of the general election, American Bridge is pleased to bring you a list of the top 5 things Rick Scott does not want to talk about for the next 69 days:

  1. His record of putting special interests first
  2. Medicare Fraud
  3. The aggressively anti-immigrant platform of his 2010 campaign
  4. Cuts to education fundingspecifically Bright Futures scholarships
  5. His penchant for refusing to answer your relevant, legitimate questions

Stay tuned for more, as American Bridge’s army of camera-toting trackers and researchers will be scrutinizing Rick Scott every day between now and November 4th.

Published: Aug 27, 2014

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