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News Tuesday, Apr 7 2015

American Bridge Welcomes "Paul Off The Wall" to the Presidential Race

Apr 07, 2015

Senator Rand Paul is making his presidential bid official today, and American Bridge is welcoming him with 20 reminders of his wild and crazy moments at

Rand Paul is eagerly asking voters to stand with him, but American Bridge would like to ask him — will the real Rand Paul please stand up? Paul may be ready to race to the right with the rest of the Republican field, but he will have trouble defending his past positions. Rand has a history of taking on views that are bizarre and even dangerous, such as supporting the end of all foreign aid to Israel and pushing for the total privatization of Medicare.

Don’t be fooled by the new and improved presidential candidate who will try to whitewash his real positions. Take a look at just how off the wall Rand Paul is at:

Published: Apr 7, 2015

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