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News Thursday, Jul 6 2017

American Bridge Statement On Trump Corruption After Ethics Chief Resigns

Jul 06, 2017

American Bridge president Jessica Mackler released the following statement after the director of the federal government’s chief ethics agency, the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, resigned:

“Donald Trump has made it crystal clear that he will violate the Constitution and use the Oval Office as a profit center for the Trump Organization, and this was all while the Office of Government Ethics had a strong director who would fight for transparency and accountability on behalf of taxpayers.

“Now that Trump won’t have an ethics chief reviewing his administration’s corruption, Trump is going to do even more to pad his own pockets at the expense of the American people. Trump must immediately appoint an unflinching director who can carry on the independent, nonpartisan work that the Office of Government Ethics has done throughout the Trump administration.”

Published: Jul 6, 2017

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