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Wednesday, Apr 11 2018

American Bridge Statement on Speaker Paul Ryan’s Retirement

Apr 11, 2018

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after news broke that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Atlas Shrugged) would retire from Congress as Republicans face a mounting blue wave:

“Even though he once told the American public the truth about how unfit Donald Trump was to be commander-in-chief, Paul Ryan defined his speakership by putting party above country and abandoning Congress’s constitutional responsibility to our system of checks and balances.

“So it’s fitting that months after leaving us with crushing increases in debt and healthcare costs all to give a tax windfall to the rich – his lifelong obsession – Ryan is cutting and running as Trump’s scandal-diseased agenda has left Republicans facing furious constituents and a blue wave all over the country.

“What’s more, Ryan’s cowardly failure to defend the special counsel appointed by Trump’s own deputy attorney general will be remembered as one of the most repugnant disgraces in American political history.”

Published: Apr 11, 2018

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