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News Tuesday, Oct 31 2017

American Bridge Statement on Roy Moore Attending GOP Lunch

Oct 31, 2017

In response to disgraced ex-judge Roy Moore attending today’s GOP lunch, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement:
“Senate Republicans are embracing a disgraced and corrupt politician who steals from his charity, thinks being LGBT should be criminalized, and sympathizes with white supremacists. Roy Moore has spent the past six months trashing Senator Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans as out-of-touch and ineffective, but they’re welcoming him anyway in a pathetic attempt to appease their furious grassroots. If they are still capable of shame, every GOP Senator should be ashamed to be seen with Roy Moore.”
Highlights of Roy Moore’s vicious comments about establishment Republicans and Mitch McConnell:
Moore: “[Establishment Republicans] are supposed to be doing their jobs and when they’re up there just hiding from the issues as they’re doing, they need to be removed. They need to be out of there.”
Moore: “The people in Alabama know what’s happening in Washington and they won’t stand for it. They won’t stand for their vote to be bought and paid for so that Mitch McConnell and his crew choose.”
Moore: “I think if people go to the polls and they don’t want Washington controlling their vote, they’ll vote for me. If they want Washington controlling their vote, they will look at the millions of dollars being spent by the establishment in Washington, the Senate Leadership Fund, on this race. It’s just something in Alabama that’s not going over very well when they’re trying to buy their vote.”
Moore: “There’s a lot of motivation out there to change Washington and I appreciate the people understanding that it’s not the people from Washington that’s going to buy this election.”

Published: Oct 31, 2017

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