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Thursday, Apr 6 2017

American Bridge Statement on Rep. Nunes

Apr 06, 2017

American Bride President Jessica Mackler released the following statement in response to Rep. Nunes stepping aside from the House Intelligence Committee’s Trump/Russia investigation: 
“It’s about time Rep. Nunes stepped aside, he lost the trust of the American people long ago. But moving forward, the investigation cannot remain in the hands of House Republicans. Rep. Conaway is a partisan hack just like Rep. Nunes and his credibility has already been compromised.  Less than 90 days ago he ridiculously compared Mexican soap opera stars to the Russian hackers who tampered with the 2016 election.  No one who peddles those types of sentiments should be tasked with overseeing an investigation of this magnitude.
“The American people deserve a 9/11 style independent commission to investigate this scandal in order to maintain transparency and accountability. Nothing short of that is sufficient.”

Published: Apr 6, 2017

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