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News Thursday, Jul 20 2017

American Bridge Statement on Newest CBO Confirmation That Trumpcare Would Gut the American Healthcare System

Jul 20, 2017

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler responded to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Offices’s latest score of Trumpcare by calling for Republican leaders to listen to the American people and work across party lines to improve the Affordable Care Act. 

​”Republicans have a clear choice: either vote for a partisan plan to gut healthcare in the name of tax cuts for the rich, or put the American people first.

“America’s doctors, hospitals, addiction experts, the insurance industry itself, and now the independent Congressional Budget Office have declared that Trumpcare would eviscerate the American healthcare system, leaving 22 million people without insurance, forcing through-the-roof deductibles onto working families, and ending Medicaid as we know it. That should be all Republicans need to hear to put a stop to this plan.

​”What’s more, Republicans are not telling us if they’ll include the Cruz Amendment in Trumpcare or not, which the health insurance industry itself has warned would cause aggravated chaos in insurance markets and force Americans suffering from preexisting conditions into prohibitively expensive plans.

“The overwhelming majority of the public supports bipartisan action to improve the Affordable Care Act – which Mitch McConnell told his constituents in Kentucky would be effective policy. It’s time for Congress to act accordingly.”

Published: Jul 20, 2017

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