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Tuesday, Mar 7 2017

American Bridge Statement On Deputy Attorney General Confirmation Hearing

Mar 07, 2017

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement:

“Rod Rosenstein’s refusal to commit to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the President’s ties to Russia and Russia’s interference in our election is unacceptable. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it impossible for a credible investigation to take place under the Department of Justice when he lied under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his contacts with Russia as an emissary of the Trump campaign.  The American people deserve answers and nothing short of a special prosecutor operating free of any conflict of interest or political agenda will do.”

WATCH: Rosenstein refuses to commit to appointing a special prosecutor

WATCH: Rosenstein didn’t even read the declassified intelligence report affirming Russia interfered in 2016 election 

Published: Mar 7, 2017

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