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Wednesday, Sep 7 2011

American Bridge Slams Perry: “America’s Most Dangerous Cowboy Takes On Social Security”

Sep 07, 2011

In a brand new video, American Bridge 21st Century blasts Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry over his dangerous views on Social Security and retirement security for America’s seniors.

In thinking Social Security is an “abuse of the constitution,” a “lie” and a “ponzi scheme” that should be dismantled and forced on the states, Perry’s views are more extreme than we’ve seen in half a century. He doesn’t just think the program should be tweaked, but that it never should have existed in the first place.

Miles outside the mainstream, Perry’s extreme views will continue to dog him throughout his campaign — no matter whether it’s in the primary or the general. Just this morning, Karl Rove warned that Perry’s views on Social Security were “toxic in a general election environment and they are also toxic in a Republican primary.”

Published: Sep 7, 2011

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