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News Tuesday, Sep 19 2017

American Bridge Releases New Gillespie Video: A Voice For Donald Trump

Sep 19, 2017

Tuesday’s Virginia gubernatorial debate, American Bridge released a new video highlighting the many ways Ed Gillespie has made clear he will be a voice for Donald Trump, not Virginians.

The video is the latest installment in American Bridge’s campaign showcasing Gillespie as Trump’s favorite swamp creature. More background can be found at

Lizzy Price, American Bridge spokesperson, made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie cannot claim to be a voice for all Virginians while parroting Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric and backward policies. Virginians need a governor who will stand up to Trump, but Gillespie will only be his puppet.”

[Watch here]

Narrator script: “Ed Gillespie said he’d be a voice for all Virginians, but it’s clear the only voice Ed Gillespie’s representing is Donald Trump’s. Gillespie even talks like Trump. He actually hired Trump’s former staff. And Gillespie is even desperate for Trump’s help. Ed Gillespie is not a voice for all Virginians. He’s a voice for Donald Trump.”


Published: Sep 19, 2017

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