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Monday, Mar 21 2022

American Bridge Releases New Ad in Georgia

Mar 21, 2022

American Bridge today announced a new television and digital ad to air in Savannah and Augusta, Georgia. The ad is part of American Bridge’s paid media campaign ahead of the 2022 elections, featuring real people telling their stories of how Joe Biden is delivering for them and their communities – by lowering costs and supporting the American economy as we emerge from this pandemic.

Georgia voters will meet Eric, a small business owner in Augusta. Eric works hard every day to provide for his family, and President Biden cares about families and small businesses like his. He knows President Biden is focused on lowering costs and keeping the economy moving. While Republicans are focused on giving tax breaks to their corporate donors, Biden is making sure corporations pay their fair share of taxes and creating conditions for working class families to thrive. 

“President Biden and Democrats fought to keep businesses like Eric’s open and thriving during challenging economic times,” said American Bridge spokesperson Drew Godinich. “Joe Biden is laser focused on middle class families and lowering costs – but Republicans are looking out for their donors alone. Through our ad campaign, American Bridge is making sure voters know that Democrats are fighting for people like them.”


Television, radio, and digital ads in this campaign have already begun airing in key battleground markets of Pittsburgh, Erie, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Reno, Nevada and Tucson, Arizona.

American Bridge was already up on air in the Augusta market with an ad featuring Jen, a small business owner who understands how Joe Biden is fighting for working families and rebuilding the economy for the middle class.

American Bridge also aired “Tina” in Georgia earlier this cycle, another small business owner who touted the American Rescue Plan. 


“My name is Eric. I’m from Augusta, Georgia. I own a local coffee shop and bakery called the Bee’s Knees. I’ve got three amazing kids. I’m working hard trying to make a living to support my family and just to create something great for the community at the same time. Joe Biden cares about working families like mine. He’s keeping a lot of small business doors open. President Biden is very focused on getting the economy moving. He’s working to lower costs for people and keeping things affordable. But there’s so much resistance from the Republicans to get things done. Working families do not seem to be a priority. Republicans are serving the hand that feeds them, you know, by accepting the corporate donations and then giving them tax breaks in return. It doesn’t make sense to me when I’m working my tail off every day to make these biscuits while they’re making billions and don’t pay anything in taxes. President Biden is definitely working hard to make corporations pay their fair share. He gets working-class families and wants to help them because that’s where he came from and that’s who he is.”   


Published: Mar 21, 2022 | Last Modified: Mar 22, 2022

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