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News Tuesday, Jan 17 2017

American Bridge on Ryan Zinke’s Nomination Hearing

Jan 17, 2017

Ahead of Ryan Zinke’s nomination hearing before the Energy and Natural Resources Committee today, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement:

“With Ryan Zinke leading the Interior Department, federally-owned lands will be served up to oil and gas interests for an unprecedented wave of fracking, drilling and mining  — a wave that Zinke and the Trump family could use to enrich themselves. His nomination sends a clear message to the fossil fuel industry that America’s public lands will soon be up for sale and open for business.”

“In Congress, Zinke has shown himself to be a pro-fracking, pro-drilling ideologue, who, time and time again, has put the interests of big oil and gas ahead of our local communities and environment. His horrendous record on conservation is colored by his significant financial stake in the fossil fuel industry and the big money he’s raked in from oil and gas companies.”

American Bridge’s research and video on Ryan Zinke is available at Follow @American_Bridge for rapid response updates during the hearing.


Published: Jan 17, 2017

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