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Billionaire Peter Thiel and former employee J.D. Vance

Tuesday, May 3 2022

American Bridge On Ohio GOP Senate Primary

May 03, 2022

Silicon Valley insider JD Vance could not have won today’s Ohio GOP U.S. Senate primary without the more than $13.5 million investment from his former boss, the tech billionaire Peter Thiel.

Still, no amount of outside spending can change the reality that Vance is a total and complete fraud who owes both his career and campaign to Big Tech interests.

Vance is a Big Tech insider, investor, and political beneficiary, who’s pretending to run against Big Tech. He’s a self-described “member of the elite” who disingenuously claims to be running against the elite. And he’s someone who falsely claims he’s he’ll stand up for Ohioans, even as he’s repeatedly sought to exploit Ohioans for personal and political gain — both via his sham nonprofit that failed Ohioans and with his book and film and past rhetoric blaming Ohioans for the systemic failures that have left behind communities across the Buckeye State.

Even beyond Vance’s clear lack of personal integrity, he’s also repeatedly proven that he’s wrong for Ohio workers and families on a range of policy issues, from supporting the repeal of health care coverage protections to opposing the jobs and infrastructure law that’s bringing jobs and investments to communities across Ohio.

“JD Vance is a fraud who couldn’t be any more wrong for Ohio, and no amount of spending from his Big Tech billionaire allies can change the reality that Vance is a Silicon Valley insider who can’t be trusted to stand up for Ohio workers and families,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Brad Bainum.

Some JD Vance reading material, as we enter the general election:

Politico: “Thiel is Vance’s biggest patron. With his new donation, the PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor has given $13.5 million to the pro-Vance super PAC, after seeding it with $10 million last year.”

CNBC: “Vance, a venture capitalist, has made targeting Big Tech a key focus of his campaign. Yet a great deal of his income came from ventures linked to Thiel and other tech investors.”

Insider: ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author JD Vance is running for Senate as a savior of the Rust Belt. Insiders and experts say that reputation is unearned.

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AP: JD Vance paid $70K by colleges he bashes as Senate candidate

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The Daily Beast: J.D. Vance Defends Texas Abortion Ban, Calls Rape “Inconvenient”

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Published: May 3, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 26, 2022

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