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Monday, Nov 5 2018

American Bridge Launches Radio & Digital Ads Featuring Don Cheadle Urging Florida Voters to Reject DeSantis’s Racism, Elect Andrew Gillum

Nov 05, 2018

 Listen to the radio ad here, watch the digital ad here.

American Bridge is launching new radio and digital ads featuring award-winning actor Don Cheadle as part of a five-figure campaign to urge Florida voters to vote for Mayor Andrew Gillum on November 6. The radio ads will run on African American radio stations in Jacksonville. The digital ads will run on social media in Jacksonville and are targeted to African American voters. The ads highlight just some of the numerous racism scandals DeSantis has faced since he became the Republican nominee for Governor.

DeSantis started off his general election campaign by calling Mayor Gillum a “monkey.” Since then, a day practically hasn’t gone by without a new story about DeSantis’s racist views and affiliations.

Among the many racism scandals DeSantis has faced:

“While Mayor Gillum has run a campaign based on bringing Floridians together, Ron DeSantis literally wrote the book on defending slavery and kicked off his general election campaign by calling his opponent a ‘monkey,’” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If Ron DeSantis writes like a racist, and talks like a racist, then…”

Listen to the radio ad airing in Jacksonville here.

Watch the digital ad that will run in Jacksonville on social media here.


Published: Nov 5, 2018

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